Promoting catchments at the County Show

We used the Tyne Rivers Trust stand at the Northumberland County Show to promote catchment thinking this week.

The new venue at Bywell was an ideal place to get people thinking about rivers – we were only a short distance from the Tyne.

We had 3 catchment demonstrator models on site – 2 showing the differences that landuse makes to run-off speed and catchment behaviour, and 1 which shows how river interventions (such as hard engineering, culverting etc) affect river processes.  All were very popular with lots of people stopping to have a play and see for themselves how human interventions and river systems are connected.

We also handed out lots of the origami version of the Catchment Plan, which proved very popular, and lots of pens promoting the ‘for-me‘ pages on this website.

All in all a good day, and the rain held off!









Susan Mackirdy, Project Manager