An origami challenge

This week marks an exciting milestone – the final printing of a document some time in the making!

From the start of this project we wanted to engage with people who perhaps don’t realise how important rivers are for people.

We have developed a completely different form of the Tyne Catchment Plan to use as a way of starting conversations with people about our rivers, hopefully making them stop and think or learn a little about our rivers and why we need to look after them.

See our new pages ‘What’s in it for me?’ to find out more about the new form of the Catchment Plan and how we are encouraging people to make simple changes that will benefit our water environment. As you’ll see from the video, this new document is a little unusual – we hope it will interest people enough to take a second, third and fourth look.  Putting it together was an interesting challenge – our thanks go to the wonderful Robson Print in Hexham for their patience and understanding in helping us get to a brilliant final result.

The catchment map which forms the basis of the new document can be seen full size here.

If you would like a copy (or copies) of the new Plan, please get in touch.  We would be delighted for others to help us spread the message.

Susan Mackirdy, Project Manager