Issues for rivers and people in the Tyne catchment

Because the Tyne’s catchment is large and diverse, a wide range of issues affect our rivers.  Our survey highlighted many of the big issues and, crucially, told us which issues concerned people most.

Pollution was the issue raised most frequently in our survey, followed by anti-social behaviour and access for recreation.  Also of concern was the issue of river sediments – both contaminated sediments and too much sediment getting into rivers.  In-river obstructions, invasive species, fish populations and flood risk were also frequently raised.

The Strategy Group also highlighted weather extremes and climate change as being a significant issue, and also concern about public awareness about river issues, which has a strong link to anti-social behaviour around river environments.

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We used the information gathered in our survey to help identify the Goals for the Tyne Catchment Plan, and the projects proposed to help tackle these issues.