Meetings of the Partnership

One of the key ways in which the Tyne Catchment Partnership works is through regular meetings of the whole Partnership.  These meetings are used as a way to share information and opportunities, for members to gain an understanding of the range of issues and activities across the catchment, and to facilitate the building of relationships between members.

The notes taken at each meeting are here to download, along with a brief summary.

24 September at St Andrew’s Church Hall, Lamesley 

Updates from sub-catchment partnerships and other topics were given at this meeting(list below) which was followed by a site visit to Birtley Brickworks.

  • Revitilising Redesdale
  • Northumbrian Water
  •  My Tyne – Adopt – a- Stream

Notes from the meeting are available here.


6 February 2019 at Trees Please, Dilston, Northumberland

This meeting focussed on protected species and the North Tyne/Rede catchment and presentations were heard on the projects listed below followed by a site visit to West Woodburn.

  • Restoring Ratty
  • EA Freshwater Pearl Mussel breeding programme
  • Revitilising Redesdale
  • Northumberland Crayfish Strategy

Notes from the meeting are available here.


5 September 2018 at Lancaster House, Newcastle Business Park

Notes from the meeting are available here and the following subjects were discussed:

  • Several sub-catchment partnerships
  • Funding
  • Future Chair
2 May 2018 at Gateshead Council Civic Centre

Notes from the meeting are available here.

Discussions were held on the following subjects:  South Tyne sub-catchment, WEIF funding, WEG and update on Highways England funding.

7 February 2018 at The Spetchells Centre, Prudhoe

Notes of the meeting can be found here:

Discussions covered the following topics:  Water Environment Grant, Clean Tyne and The Great Exhibition of the North

6 December 2017 at Howdon Treatment Works, Howdon

Notes of the meeting can be found here: 6 December TCP  meeting notes

Discussions covered the following topics: Activity Plan and Log, South Tyne catchment, Team valley projects and River Don progress.

14 September 2017 at St Andrews Church Hall, Lamesley

Notes of the meeting can be found here: Tyne Catchment Partnership notes 14 September 2017_final.  Discussions covered the Adopt-a-Stream project, The Skill Mill, the Urban Observatory, Partnership projects including the River Don and Ouseburn projects, the Partnership’s Activity Plan, and the River Team flood alleviation scheme.

Following the meeting some partners attended a site visit to the River Team flood alleviation scheme.

2 May 2017 at Tyneside House

Notes of the meeting can be found here: Tyne Catchment Partnership notes 2 May 2017.  The following presentations were given:

 27th January 2017 at the Environment Agency’s Tyneside House

The meeting provided a Catchment Based Approach update, including national and regional matters, given by the EA catchment team.  Catchment Partnership members gave an update and key highlights of projects / activities / opportunities, and the meeting concluded with a presentation by Graham Holyoak of Tyne Rivers Trust on the development of the Adopt a Stream project.

14th October 2016 Project Development Workshop at the Environment Agency’s Tyneside House –

Notes of the meeting can be downloaded here: Tyne Catchment Partnership – notes of workshop 14 October 2016.

7th July 2016 at the Environment Agency’s Tyneside House

Susan Mackirdy opened the meeting by introducing Douglas Phillips who is Tyne Rivers Trust’s Interim Director and will cover while Susan is away on maternity leave. The meeting then went on to agree to appoint Hugh Clear-Hill as an independent Chair for the remainder of the financial year. It was also that agreed that it would be an opportune moment to review the partnership membership, as a new representative from Northumberland County Council was needed and also because the current invitee list had become very long with multiple people from various organisations being invited to each meeting. Jim Cokhill from Durham Wildlife Trust then gave a presentation on the River Don Partnership which is available hereMinutes from Tyne Catchment Partnership Meeting 7 July 2016

25th February 2016 at Durham Wildlife Trust’s Rainton Meadows

The meeting included updates from the Environment Agency as well as a session where we added flesh onto our own Action Plan / Terms of Reference.  The meeting is being combined with a River Don Corridor meeting being organised through the North-East Local Nature Partnership.  Here is a copy of the Environment Agency’s (Graeme Hull’s) presentation (about Highways England, the Medium Term Plan and about sending evidence to the investigations team).  Here is a copy of the “achievements to date” page that Susan circulated, and here is a the 7-page presentation (given to the local liaison panel) it was drawn from. Here is a copy of the notes from the meeting.

8th December 2015 in Natural England’s offices

We had a presentation about Calaminarian Grasslands as well as the Hexham Fish Pass and the new Tyne Volunteer Co-ordinator.  But the main item of the meeting was a discussion paper about the future of the partnership. Here are the Minutes 8th Dec 2015 and a summary of the actions.  The following Vision for the Tyne Catchment Partnership was suggested:

“Working together to benefit the people, wildlife and habitats of the Tyne Catchment’s river environments”.

Five main objectives of the Tyne Catchment Partnership were also suggested:

  1. Promoting and celebrating partners’ achievements and successes
  2. Identifying and grasping needs and opportunities to work together (as organisations) for better outcomes for the River Tyne and its people
  3. Speaking with a single voice where partners’ interests in managing and improving the River Tyne overlap
  4. Grasping opportunities that projects deliver multiple benefits for the benefit of the River Tyne
  5. Using resources to best effect and coordinating activities on a catchment and sub-catchment level.

Here are downloads of the three priority places the Environment Agency have sent in as their short-term priorities Ouseburn priority place ; Team priority place ; Don priority place

Tyne Catchment Partnership members on Blaydon Burn site visit

16th September 2015 in Blaydon Library

We had a productive meeting including presentations on the new countryside stewardship scheme and the water rangers pilot.  The main agenda item was considering the future of the Tyne Catchment Partnership – what is working well or not so well, the roles of the various organisations, and the future direction.  Six organisations stayed for the walkover of Blaydon Burn afterwards.  Minutes 16th September 2015

16th April 2015 in Gateshead Civic Centre

The meeting was called because Catchment Partnerships had been asked by the Environment Agency to submit project ideas to the Medium Term Plan.  A total of 23 projects were discussed.  Similar projects were co-ordinated together, with a ‘lead’ identified, in order to meet the deadline.  This resulted in a well thought-through submission to the Environment Agency by the end of April.  Minutes 16th April 2015.  On the 9th July, the EA’s Area Manager wrote to thank us for our excellent work to identify the best opportunities.  (In July 2015, we drafted this page about our contribution to WFD outcomes, for inclusion in the Environment Agency’s River Basin Management Plan).

6th March 2015 at Howdon Sewage Treatment Works

We had presentations from the North Pennines AONB Partnership on the Peatlands Programme, from the Tyne Rivers Trust on the Ouseburn Evidence and Measures project, and from the Environment Agency on the Abandoned Metal Mines Project.  After some ‘pop-up’ news around the room, we had a tour of the Sewage Treatment Works.  Minutes 6th March 2015

10th December 2014 in Gateshead Civic Centre

The ‘Gap Analysis’ of the Tyne Catchment Plan was considered, by having three groups around the room (Main Tyne, North Tyne, South Tyne) and discussions based around a number of issues base maps / projects and actions overlays.  Two priority themes for the whole catchment emerged : a) mines and minewaters b) complex urban waterbodies with multiple failures.  We also revisited the topic of the partnership’s structure.  Minutes 10th Dec 2014

9th October 2014 in Newton & Bywell Community Hall

The meeting was called because Catchment Partnerships had been asked by the Environment Agency to identify project ideas for potential funding in 2015/16 financial year.  First there was an update since May’s meeting and the emerging ‘Gap Analysis’ of the Tyne Catchment Plan.  The main item was to consider possible projects from the Waterbody Actions Plans with an urban focus that might fit the funding criteria.  The partners steered priorities about projects, should any funding become available.  Minutes 9th Oct 2014

6th May 2014 in Newton & Bywell Community Hall

The first meeting of the Partnership, we had presentations about the Tyne Catchment Plan as well as a proposed partnership structure. This involved a number of ‘working groups’ on specific themes, as well as an overall partnership ‘steering group’.  The recommendation was not to have a formal structure, but to meet as needed, to avoid duplication with other partnerships.  Minutes 6th May 2014