Roman Wall Loughs

thanks to Gary PicklesThe Roman Wall Loughs sub catchment partnership was set up to enable organisations to work in partnership to improve the condition of these special waterbodies.

The first meeting was held on 12 January 2018 and the following items were discussed:

  • WFD Status of the Loughs
  • Nutrient inputs and sedimentation of the Loughs
  • Connectivity of Crag Lough for fish to Tyne system
  • National Trust operations in the area

Please download the meeting notes here.

The second meeting was held on 4th April 2018 and the notes can be found here.

A meeting was held on 9 May 2019 and the following items were discussed:

  • WEG survey summary
  •  Remediation of drainage works at the Loughs
  •  Forest Enterprise monitoring programme

The meeting notes can be downloaded here.