What’s in it for me?

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All living creatures depend on clean water.  It is vital for life.

In the North East we, humans, use 4.2 billion litres of water every day!  Most of it comes from our rivers and it is not just the clean water delivered to our taps that we rely on.  Our rivers provide water for

  • industrial processes and cooling to manufacture the things we use every day
  • to produce energy and fuel
  • to irrigate the crops and water the animals that provide our food
  • for drinking, washing and cooking
  • carrying away pollutants
  • places for recreation and relaxation
  • habitats for animals and plants.

Water covers 70% of the earth’s surface but most of that is salty in seas and oceans.  Freshwater accounts for 3% of the planet’s water but 2% is locked up in the polar ice caps leaving 1% available to us and other freshwater dwellers.  Freshwater is very important for biodiversity because it sustains more animals and plants, and a bigger diversity of animals and plants, than most other habitats.

Our rivers are a precious resource.
Click on the links below to find out how you
can make simple changes that will help protect them.

How you can use less water

How you can get involved

How you can help reduce pollution