In December 2012 we published an important new plan to improve the rivers in the Tyne catchment.

The Tyne Catchment Plan is the culmination of 8 months of work, bringing together a wide range of organisations to contribute to and guide the Plan.  The Plan is essentially a ‘wish list’ of projects for the future, which will help improve the Tyne’s rivers and encourage people to learn and care about them.

You can download pdf versions of the document below:

Tyne Catchment Plan – electronic version: use this version if you wish to read and navigate the document on screen

Tyne Catchment Plan – print version: use this version if you wish to print the document (111 pages)


The Tyne Catchment Plan is based on projects suggested by a range of different people and organisations.  Even if no further funding becomes available, this Plan will provide people and organisations with information about the current work going on in the catchment, and give them ideas for future projects and identify potential partners to work with, leading to bids for project funding in the future.