Natural Flood Management projects

The Tyne Catchment Partnership was invited to submit projects for a £1m national fund to deliver Natural Flood Management (NFM) projects.  Each project had to be for less than £50,000 from the fund, and would ideally bring match funding from other sources.

There are many opportunities for NFM projects on the Tyne, and members of the Partnership have been involved in delivering NFM projects in the past throughout the catchment.  The Tyne Catchment Partnership submitted 6 proposals comprising 3 projects on urban/urban fringe catchments (the Ouseburn and River Don), upland projects in the Haltwhistle Burn and Allen Valleys catchments, and a mid-catchment project on the Whittle Burn upstream of Ovingham.

The proposals are currently being reviewed by the local Environment Agency team before being submitted for consideration against all the projects submitted nationally.  Competition for the limited pot of funding will be high, but we are hopeful that at least one of these worthwhile projects in the Tyne catchment will be funded.  Any unfunded projects will remain on our radar, and we will seek ways to deliver them through other means.

Adopt a Stream

The Tyne Catchment Partnership is developing a project called Adopt a Stream.  It is designed to engage communities, businesses and individuals and empower them to look after their local stretch of the River Tyne.  The project will provide training and equipment for people to monitor and care for their rivers, and to gather critical data which will help the Tyne Catchment Partnership members to identify issues and support improvements where they are needed.

You can read more about the project here.  It is being developed principally by Tyne Rivers Trust with the support of other partners.  Bids for funding to support the project have been submitted and we hope to have good news soon!

Phosphate testing kit

Phosphate kit
A picture of the phosphate testing kit

At a recent conference, Emma from Northumberland Wildlife Trust kindly collected for the Tyne a “phosphate testing kit”.  This is available for any partnership member to borrow!  The Tyne Rivers Trust are looking after it for now.  Just get in touch if you need to use it.