Developing Tyne projects

2013 has, so far, been all about getting projects up and running. I have been out and about meeting with potential project co-deliverers to identify priority projects to get started.

A number of the projects in the Tyne Catchment Plan are being developed, particularly the Allen Valleys Landscape Partnership bid (led by the North Pennines AONB Partnership) and the Derwent Valley Landscape Partnership bid (led by Groundwork).

Many of the organisations I have met with have expressed enthusiasm for the projects based around engaging with people and raising awareness about river issues.  However, a lot of the projects in the Tyne Catchment Plan overlapped with each other, both in terms of remit and location.  I am organising a workshop for all the potential co-deliverers to identify exactly what projects we want to deliver and where, and who would work together to deliver them.  We will then hopefully put together one big project and bid for a large amount of funding (probably from the BIG Lottery Fund) to cover the project as a whole.  I’ll provide an update through these pages as things develop.

Susan Mackirdy, Project Manager