Gap Analysis

At the first meeting of the Tyne Catchment Partnership, it was agreed to do some ‘gap analysis’ on the Tyne Catchment Plan.

This was undertaken in autumn 2014, and discussed at our December 2014 meeting Minutes 10th Dec 2014.

Five sets of base maps were produced, based on the goals in the original Plan.  The base maps illustrated the tangible issues and problems in the area.  These were overlaid with existing projects / partnerships and initiatives.  The aim was to identify where there might be issues with no projects of partnerships covering them.

The room was divided into three groups (Main Tyne, North Tyne and South Tyne).  The 5 themes, which go beyond the Water Framework Directive were:

  • Pollution (general)
  • Pollution (mines, minewaters and minerals)
  • River Habitat and Invasives
  • Flooding
  • Fishery resource

Two priority themes for the whole catchment emerged a) mines and minewaters; b) complex urban waterbodies with multiple failures.

The gap analysis full write-up can be downloaded below, or a separate two-page summary.

Gap analysis

Tyne Catchment Gap Analysis summary only